Conservation Area

What? Why? When? Where?

The Saughall Massie Village Conservation Area Society was established in 1974 as a response to the spread of urban development throughout the Wirral in the 1960-70's period. Wirral Metropolitan Borough Council identified 25 small historic village communities whose physical character and cultural identity were in danger of being lost amongst the scale of modern housing and infrastructure expansion.

The wider modern area known as Saughall Massie extends from the Saughall Hotel in a northerly direction out of the village centre along Garden Hey Road and Saughall Road toward Hoylake Road, from the south to the Saughall Massie By-pass, and to the east over the Saughall Massie bridge, down both sides of Saughall Massie Road toward the Upton By-pass. Greater Saughall Massie has a population of over 2000 whereas the conservation area has only 32 homes and around 80 residents.

Conservation area boundary map

The area defined for conservation purposes is restricted entirely to the old boundaries of the ancient village of Saughall Massie, within which is a mixture of old and modern building styles. The village still retains a rural character, with the Arrowe Brook and a Grade II stone bridge providing habitat for kingfishers and various other birds and small animals. The village is in a 'Green Belt' designated area within the surrounding fields of three local farming families. The last remaining thatched house in the Wallasey/Birkenhead area is located in the centre of the village. Though on the edge of Wirral's urban expansion, Saughall Massie Village maintains a rural ambience - enjoying stabling and paddocks for horses, local farms, a landscape management business, fishing pond, and a village pub.

The members of The Saughall Massie Conservation Area Society all live within the designated boundary of the Society and elect a representative committee each year. The committee liaises with WMBC, local councillors, and the police, in matters of local concern in areas such as conservation, planning, highways, environment, licensing and policing.

Saughall Massie Conservation Area Appraisal and Management Plan

In 2007 Wirral Metropolitan Borough Council commissioned an independent architectural survey of all the designated conservation areas within WMBC responsibility. They were done without the involvement of any of the conservation societies and those reports were approved by WMBC in 2009. The findings within our village survey do not completely reflect the views of the Saughall Massie Village Conservation Area Society, but the report, though occasionally controversial, gives a detailed, but subjective appraisal of property within the village.

The ages of all buildings and those that are listed for special protection within the contemporary conservation boundary are shown. Other interesting maps from 1840 to the post 1945 era can be viewed which show no material alteration to the size of the village or surrounding agricultural area in that period.

The time of greatest change was during the 1960-70’s when large scale development of the land on the Upton side of the Saughall Massie bridge and beyond, took place. This encroachment upon the boundary of the original village and its environs, prompted WMBC to give the area conservation status.

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